• RdHeaven

    These are the mispellings used in these cringy ripoffs that deserve to burn in hell.

    • Zumba
      • Are you kidding me? This is a dance fitness party. Now you ruined it with ripoffs.
    • Zume
      • Are you one of these dumbheads that confuses "a" for "e"?
    • Zumar
      • Did your finger slip, honey? Sweetie, the letters beside "A" in the keyboard is "S", nor "R". Or it could've slipped and landed there.
    • Zumu
      • The beep is that? That's a website builder.
    • Zama
      • An Argentinan film. There's a 2018 film but i don't know where it was released.
    • Zuma
      • The game that started it all. Now it's infected with ripoffs.
    • Zimi
      • Seigneur, what's that?
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  • RdHeaven

    SOBP - New design

    July 28, 2017 by RdHeaven

    Hello Sphere Matchers!

    I made a new design of the wiki - it involves the new council flag. I have also edited the wiki wordmark and the header, so it isn't stuck in the old flag design.

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  • RdHeaven

    SOBP means Staff Official B''log Post!

    So, big news matchers...


    • "Yeah, Luxor wiki should be with SM" Vebros, 2017 in SM official discord

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  • RdHeaven

    Okay, so I have implemented a new system: Page Badges!

    These kind of badges appear in your profile if your staff or banned. (or others)

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