Please follow this.

In general Edit

  1. If you are under 13, do not reveal your age. THIS IS NOT OUR RULE: THIS IS AN GOVERNMENT RULE IN THE U.S (COPPA).
  2. No swearing. In case of accidents, edit it.
  3. No vandalism of any type.
  4. You can still edit as a guest. But do not use this as a ban bypass: Wikia can use IP addresses.
  5. No creating sockpuppets as a form of breaking the rules, or a ban bypass. Only create backup accounts if your main account is hacked.
  6. No bullying of any other person.
  7. Do not pretend to be someone else. Especially staff. We can know what is their userrights.
  8. No linking to shock sites, 18+ sites, YouTube Poop, and other 18+ material.
  9. If a level is a secret, tell it's a secret and don't spoil it.

Chat Edit

  1. General rules #2, #5, #6, #7, #8 and #9 applies.
  2. Share images with or DO NOT LINK TO THE .net OF IMGBB.
  3. Sharing Rickroll is fine, but do not exploit it. Even if you are an Chat Moderator.
  4. Swearing is allowed! Just don't do too much.

Staff Edit

  1. Do not dictate the wiki RulesBur
  2. Do not ever exploit your powers.  RulesAllM
  3. General and chat rules apply. RulesAllM
  4. Rollbacking decent edits is prohibited. RulesRolb
  5. Do not ban anyone [in chat RulesChaM] for no reason. RulesBur RulesAdm RulesContntM RulesDiscuM


  • RulesAllM All staff
  • RulesAdm Admins
  • RulesRolb Rollbacks
  • RulesBur Bureaucrats
  • RulesChaM Chat Moderators
  • RulesContntM Content Moderators
  • RulesDiscuM Discussion Moderators