Nocturnal Owl Devertice Editor (N.O.D.E) is a Flash program created by Konisbored. Link here.

It is able to map vertice coordinates directly to a .obj file, saving a lot of time in designing level paths.

N.O.D.E is an essential part of optimising level creation. There is another program made by Sole Survivor known as Luxor Mapper as an alternative.

History Edit

Concept Edit

The original concept of N.O.D.E came from Bobik, who suggested the idea of a workstation application for automatic node tracking. Around April to July 2016, coordinate points were placed and copied by hand, and it was extremely time consuming. It was hoped that this would speed up map development. On 31st July 2016, an alpha proof-of-concept version was released and N.O.D.E was born.

Legacy Edit

History of Nocturnal Owl Devertice Editor (Luxor Modding & Sphere Matchers & N.O.D

History of Nocturnal Owl Devertice Editor (Luxor Modding & Sphere Matchers & N.O.D.E v2 Release)

The impact of N.O.D.E's release on the Sphere Matchers.

After various improvements, N.O.D.E is currently an essential key part of making Luxor maps. As shown in the video, N.O.D.E, and by extension, its mascot Cowlppy, has become synonymous with the Sphere Matchers.

Functions Edit

The main functions of N.O.D.E include:

  • Coordinate Mapper, manual and automatic.
  • Generating a path.obj file.
  • Generating a map.ui file.
  • Generating a stage_select.uis file.
  • Importing Luxor Paths.
  • Path Editing, basic reverse and mirror.
  • Show Vertice Path.
  • Generate level_txt variables.