Sphere Matchers is a community and forum, created on 1st of April 2015, of users who have come together in order to find ways to modify sphere matching games, examples include Luxor series (created by Mumbo Jumbo), Zuma Deluxe (created by Popcap). The community has long since received a new owner, alongside new members and staff.

It has since grown well over 150 members, with new platforms such as Discord, being added.

The newest update to the community has been the addition of the Sphere Matchers Council, a group consisting of every moderator (overseer) and the head administrator (overlord). This group has the ability to bring forth new changes, updates and new ranks, which all serve a distinct purpose. The most notable changes include new rules, ownership, execution of rules and many, many more.


Council, depicted on the new Sphere Matchers flag.

In the Sphere Matcher community, flags are used as a "tag", as in to signify that a certain modification was approved and signed as "quality". Currently, there were only two flags in entire SM History, the original one (designed and created by the original owner, Bobik), which depicted the hierarchy of the forum ranks, ranging from Commoners, all the way to the top rank, Pharaoh. The current flag (designed and created by a current overseer) depicts the current hierarchy, alongside the addition of a symbol depicting the council.

Both flags have the same intention of depicting members as one, however, this trend was altered in the newest one, in which official staff members are individually depicted as diamonds, whilst members, guests and Beholders, are depicted as a colored line (the color is chosen by the rank color).

*This thread is a WIP, more updates to come soon.*

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