Zuma Time Travel
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Zuma Time Travel is a Zuma Deluxe mod by CrushyGreenRen.

The Great Hard Drive Disk Betrayal Edit

At some point in August 2016, CGR's laptop has got the Automatic Repair loop, and he ran the HP Diagnostics, revealing that his HDD failed. This forced him to go to internet shops and told people that his laptop were stuck in the loop.


Curse you HDD. I didn't even had a backup of my mods.

September 2016: He told the Sphere Matchers Facebook groupchat that his HDD were betrayed (CGR's euphemism of "failed"). He then put an online gravestone of ZTT.

Then, he recruited Nunya Business (Stage13-10) as an reviver of ZTT.

October 2016: Nunya told CGR that she can't update the mod anymore (which is bad).

Added levels before betrayal Edit

  • Robot Claw
  • Future Dungeon (PF)
  • The Town of Future Zumapolis (F)
  • Doom Levels
    • Pyramid of Doom
    • Pirated Level
    • (F)
    • Terror of Tomorrow
    • Dark (F)
    • (N)
    • (F)
    • Temple of Bloom
  • The Great Wormhole!
  • And many more...
  • Legend: (PF) means Partially Forgotten, F means Forgotten, N means None for the stage.

The Revival Edit

Cuteio14, SeigneurDesDragons852 and others helped in the revival project.